Write perfect use cases easily

Create linked, consistent use cases in your browser and publish them to your readers.

Using CaseFu is as simple as 1-2-3. Just follow these tree steps:

1. Write 2. Publish 3. Share

1. Write use cases

Use an intuitive web application editor to write consistent use cases.

Create links in-between use cases so that you can click through them.

This is a preview of the form to create a use case:

Create use case

Customer enters amount.
System gives out the cash.

2. Publish use cases to project web site

Publish the use cases on a project web site with a push of a button.

This is a preview of the panel used to publish a project:

Project My project

Site URL:

3. Share project web site with use case readers

Share the use cases with your readers: product owner, developers, stakeholders.

For public project web sites, just give them the link to your new site with the published use cases.

For projects with private web site, give access to readers and other use case editors by adding them as members of the project.

CaseFu is approaching production-ready status. Give it a test ride now.

Learn how to write great use cases. Learn

Do share your ideas with us. Create an issue or mail to casefu.com@gmail.com.